What is Plastic Laminate?

Plastic laminate is a decorative material consisting of resins that react with aldehydes during the thermosetting process. Most often it is a decorative print, that is attached to a kraft paper.  Plastic laminate has innovated throughout the years to compete with other countertop, and material surfaces.

How does it work?

After the selected laminate is sprayed with very strong adhesive, it is then glued to the decking (wood), routed and then filed smooth.

The great advantage of  plastic laminate is that it is cost effective! Great for redoing your kitchen or any area of your home within an  ideal budget. Plastic laminate comes in a  variety of colors, surface textures, and edge options. Most enjoy that laminate  is also warmer to the touch.

What our company can do to service you

We specialize in fabricating a reliable, and suitable product with the usage of high-pressured laminates that will be ideal for any residential or commercial implementation

Examples of plastic laminate fabrication

  • Counter tops

  • Bar Areas

  • Pantry

  • Desk